Our Services



We work directly with our clients to help them select the cuts of meat and collections that best fit their needs. Our Heritage Beef products are custom to order; we work directly with our local butcher to ensure you're 100% satisfied with your order.

USDA Certified Butchering & packaging

All of our meat is processed and packaged at a federally inspected meat processing plant located in Stevens Point, Wisconsin. 


We're here to help you understand and prepare our products. It is our goal to educate you and our readers on the art of cooking as close to nature as possible. 



While we believe that animals raised as close to the way God intended is best, we also appreciate the benefits of modern agriculture. While none of the animals are ever treated with unnecessary hormones or antibiotics, we do raise Holstein Steers who are fed a diet of conventional grains and alfalfa-grass mixture. 


If you're a descendant of Leo August Lutz (1901-1998) & Florence Meta Pohl Lutz (1905-2006) or Alfred E. Wolkenhauer (1911-1997) & Florence E. Garbisch (1911-1997) please email us about a family discount! We are very proud of our German-Prussian roots! Check us out on Ancestry.com


All of our ordering can be done online. Due to seasons quantities, there will likely be a waiting list. Currently, we butcher our beef four times a year.


We know you're busy and preparing meals is hard enough. We deliver your meat directly to your doorstep if you live within 25-miles of our farm. We'll even put it in your freezer for you! Free Shipping on orders over $100 dollars.* Must live within 25 Miles of Amherst & Medford, Wisconsin.  



If you are not 100% satisfied with the quality of beef  you ordered from us, we will buy it back from you.  



Traditionally, our family has preferred Holsteins for their premium milk production, however, we have begun to raise Herford-Angus Crosses, also known as Black Baldys, for our Grass Fed customers.