Quarter Steer Deposit (Grass Fed)

Quarter Steer Deposit (Grass Fed)


After placing this order, we will contact you to discuss what cuts of meat will best meet your needs. A final invoice will be sent online and is due prior to pickup. 

We will make home deliveries within a 25-mile radius of our farm. 

QUARTERS are sold at $3.50/lb, hanging weight with a $200 non-refundable deposit. Hanging weight is generally 120-190 lbs. The yield or final weight will be roughly 60-65% of the hanging weight. The final balance due will be determined after the animals have been taken to the butchers. For example: $3.50 x 150 lbs = $525 for about 98 processed pounds of meat. 

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What will you receive with your order?

The table below gives approximate amounts of each cut that you will receive.  Your order may vary slightly from this, and you may opt for different cuts than these where it is possible.  For instance, you may prefer T-bone and Porterhouse steaks rather than NY strip and Tenderloin--did you know that a Porterhouse steak is composed of a NY Strip on one side of the "t-bone" and tenderloin on the other?  You may also wish to have some cuts turned into ground beef, such as the brisket or short ribs.